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My name is Lynda Phoenix, I help female founders become empowered with business-building skills and strategy to help scale their small business or start-up. I am a dynamic, inspiring and acclaimed digital marketing consultant who has been at the heart of the digital revolution in mobile and content for over twenty years.

I love embracing the ever-changing world of technology and connectivity – no longer do you have to be tied to a 9-5 job with a long commute. Technology allows for remote working, video calls and easy connectivity. Businesses can easily engage and reach potential customers on social networks, and marketplace platforms have opened up opportunities for creative people to sell products and services. The world has changed. There is more scope to have a successful business that works in harmony with your life.

A bit about me

I’ve been at the heart of the digital revolution in music and content for over twenty years. I’ve worked in senior leadership positions for Samsung, VEON and Defected Records. I have consulted for a variety of successful global start-ups and digitally transformed numerous small, medium and large businesses. Please read my full work history on LinkedIn 

I started one of the earliest music download stores in the UK, digitally transformed renowned dance label Defected, drove millions of app downloads for mobile content and devices at Samsung – and have helped numerous businesses digitally market and transform their business. I offer a wealth of experience in connectivity in our digital world.

I’m dedicated to helping female business owners become empowered with digital skills to help their businesses flourish and grow. My training sessions are fun, informal, jargon-free, practical and inspiring and you will walk away empowered with new techniques. 

I’m also a mother of a feisty but adorable 4-year-old daughter. I’ve navigated my career around redundancies, travelled the world, freelanced with a newborn, survived city commuting & nursery drops. My combined work and life experiences really enable me to understand the challenges women face with juggling work, motherhood and life.

Oh yes, I’m a house DJ too and have built up a global following of over 50k fans. It’s a major passion of mine, let talk more about having a ‘portfolio business’ next time we meet!

x Lynda

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